F/W '17 designers

KCFW is thrilled with the talent that will be on our runway in March 2017.  All designers are listed in alphabetical order.  Please see the Schedule/Tickets page for information on which night each designer is showing their collection. 


Amanda casarez

Amanda is a graduate from University of Hawaii at Manoa in Fashion Design and Merchandising, class of 2014.  While in school, she interned for local Hawaiian designer, Allison Izu.  With Allison, she was able to touch on all aspects of a small fashion business.  

Once she graduated, she moved to Virginia, where she started her own line in May of 2015.  She was then selected as one of eight designers for the inaugural class of the DC Fashion Incubator at Macy's Metro Center.  The year long program focused on creating a platform to showcase emerging talent in DC, as well as increase the designers' business acumen in the business of fashion.  In order to grow, she decided that she needed to participate in events outside of DC, events which included a partnership with Harlem Fashion Row and Latina Magazine for a presentation of her A/W '16, the fashion panel at Hispanicize in Miami and the Emerging Designer Bootcamp in Phoenix Fashion Week, where she debuted her S/S '17 collection.

Her design philosophy is based on the duality of hard lines and delicate details, sculptural shapes, refined minimalism, a mix of structured feminine silhouettes, and androgynous shapes. 


Born and raised in Kansas City, Andrea Long is finishing her first year as a full-time designer.  Andrea's first year included completing her fifth and sixth seasons of Kansas City Fashion Week, her second season of the West 18th Street Fashion Show, teaching youth fashion classes at the Kansas City Art Institute, styling for print and clients, teaching sewing to students of all ages and creating custom design work for multiple clients.  With nearly 20 years of part-time design and sewing experience, Andrea is ecstatic to have a community in Kansas City that makes the dream of self-employment possible.

She is able to draw on her international experience, her background in costume design, and the Kansas City fashion community to create work that connects to the now moments and the dreamy ones.

Andrea has been featured in the Kansas City Business Journal, Kansas City Star, The Pitch, Marie Claire Magazine, KCStudio Magazine, and various local tv programs.

Her Fall/Winter 2017 collection will continue the exploration of luxurious velvets and edgy silhouettes from F/W '16 that help women feel their most glamorous and powerful.


"Fashion is not something thats exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street: fashion has to do with the ideas, the way we live, what is happening."--Coco Chanel.

Designer Barbara Bultman is inspired by things that are all around her and things that effect the world.  She is a Saint Louis based designer and every time she begins a new collection she tries to take in everything that she knows to create something that is innovative and will inspire others.  Her F/W collection Voltaic 2017 was inspired by natural energy resources, such as solar panels and wind farms.

Barbara graduated from Lindenwood University with her BFA in Fashion Design and a minor in Studio Art in May 2015.  She was also the winner of Pins and Needles in 2015, She likes to create pieces that are structural, sophisticated, and detail oriented, while still showing the silhouettes of the female body.  She also creates one of a kind jewelry pieces for both men and women.  She sees fashion not as labels, but as a way people can express themselves without saying a word. Fashion is all around us, sometimes all you need to do is look.

christianmicheal & she by christianmicheal

christianMICHEAL is a modern menswear label for the style conscious and fashion forward modern man.  Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, menswear designer Christian Micheal Shuster, found a love for art and fashion at a very young age.  A self-taught designer, Christian has spent the past 8 years teaching himself the art of tailoring and expanding his skill level on the cutting table and sewing machine.  Focused on intricate design with high-quality craftsmanship, the christianMICHEAL design label has quickly become one of the most recognized and respected design labels in Kansas City and across the Midwest. Christian has shown menswear collections on the runway with Kansas City Fashion Week, Omaha Fashion Week and Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. 

Christian will also debut his new womenswear line sHe by christianMICHEAL this season at Kansas City Fashion Week.

crystal brakhage designs

Designer Crystal Brakhage graduated from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln in December of 2016.  She loves to make women feel confident, comfortable, and powerful. She has participated in numerous runway shows throughout Nebraska and Missouri, as well as Omaha Fashion Week.

Her target customer is a women age 20-30 who is not afraid to show who they are and be a little different.  This woman doesn't follow the norms because her designs definitely don't.  She wants to make a statement.  People want to go up and meet her or be her.


coco and ilia

Cortney Sims and Ilia Siegwald both attended Stephens College and met during one of their art classes freshman year.  Later, they started to realize how similar their design styles were and began work on "Coco and Ilia'; a high-end streetwear brand inspired by their video game and comic book influences.  Their goal is to empower women through clothing that allows them to create themselves and express their individuality.  

They want to reach a wide range of women by having an established brand that can be described as kitschy, eclectic and unexpected.  They would like to eventually reach out to non-profits to help and empower women of every race, sex, gender, and religion.



High school junior, Miranda Hanson, started sewing at the age of eight.  With the help of You-Tube, she has taught herself everything show knows about sewing and creating clothing.  She became very serious about sewing when she entered high school, after making dresses for several friends and costumes for productions.  

She has previously shown a ready-to-wear collection consisting of pink and yellow florals at Omaha Fashion Week and at The Fashion Gala.  She has been recognized by local newspapers.  She plans to study fashion/costume design in college with her dream to be a designer under her own label or a costume designer for musicals.


dolyn bags

Ami Beck was born and raised in the Kansas City area.  After earning her degree in Psychology and spending a few years in the "real world", she returned to school to study her true passion, Fashion Design, at Stephens College.  Shortly after graduation, in December 2013, Ami bought a huge machine and several scrap hides of leather and began designing her very first pieces for DOLYN.  The name is inspired by one of her favorite names, Gwendolyn.  Having a great enthusiasm for all bags, Ami hopes to create statement pieces for both men and women that will be relevant for decades.


erin paige

Since she can remember, Erin Paige Stegman has had a love for the arts and for people.  She believes her designs create an opportunity to serve both passions.  "I truly believe the individual who wears my design feels this energy transferred to them and will spread it throughout their lives."  Her creative inspiration comes from many different avenues and is the motivations behind her unique look.  Erin Paige Designs has been featured on television programs and showcased in a variety of lifestyle and business publications.  Her jewelry designs have also graced the runways of fashion.

Erin Paige Stegman has incorporated loving-kindness and positive energy into every aspect of her life.  She received her BFA in Visual Communication from the University of Kansas in 1995.  Erin believes in giving back and is very involved in her community through philanthropic organizations with an emphasis on children, women, and art programs.

She loves sharing her story by giving inspirational talks to motivate others.  Her words have been heard by the Girl Scouts, Women On The Move, and she has been asked to give the keynote address at several events.



Meghann Wheelock of Ethel and Dean is a Kansas City based fashion designer with 6 years experience working in the Los Angeles Fashion Design Industry.  She has designed for companies such as Guess Jeans, Betsey Johnson, Gossip Girl Swimwear, Hula Star Swimwear, LaurenJames Swimwear, and Dillard's GB Juniors and Girls Swimwear.  

Meghann graduated from FIDM in 2010 after participating in their annual Debut Fashion program.  Her personal brand, Ethel and Dean, is a children's clothing line that takes traditional kids themes and inspiration and applies them to fashion silhouettes.  Meghann's designs for Betsey Johnson have been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine and Women's Wear Daily.



georgina herrera

Georgina Herrera was raised around jewelry and fashion her entire life. Her family owns a manufacture jewelry business in Mexico, but she never envisioned herself working in the industry. Herrera received her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Psychology and a Masters in International Relations. She began her career as an International Trade Sales Representative for a jeans brand in Mexico. After starting her family 4 years later, Herrera began working in jewelry with the Mackech brand, a prominent Mexico-based jewelry brand, where she could help support her family with less travel obligations. She introduced the brand to department stores in Mexico, South America and Europe. In 2006, Herrera moved to Kansas City where she again introduced the Mackech brand in the United States. In 2010, she opened her first company, Mackech Jewelry LLC. As business flourished, Herrera opened her first retail store in 2014 in Leawood, KS. She was awarded Women Minority-Owned Business of the Year in 2015

Georgina has been working in the jewelry industry and has been participating in many Jewelry Trade Shows for years, which gave her the experience and knowledge to better understand the world of fashion. In 2015, she developed her own line of jewelry within the Mackech brand and it is called Georgina Herrera.
She knows that being a part Kansas City Fashion Week will be a greater opportunity to help her building her brand in the Midwest and later nationwide!


Hannah Swanson, designer of Hannah Kristina Designs, is a recent graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor's in apparel design.  She began sewing at the age of 10 through various projects in 4-H; she credits the close partnership between 4-H and Iowa State University as the main influence on her decision to enroll at one of the Midwest's top schools for fashion.

Specializing in bridal and evening wear, she was inspired by waterfalls for her new collection.  "I was inspired by the shape waterfalls make; how the water falls in different levels while still maintaining an unbroken, flowing shape.  Each of my designs will have multiple layers that will hit at different levels on the body, but each layer will still be 'falling' in the same direction; just like a waterfall."


house of cochon

Courtney Perry is the lead accessories designer for House of Cochon, a Kansas City based design house.  House of Cochon was the winner of The Pitch's "Best of" award 2012, RAW artist of the year 2012, and long time veteran brand participant in Kansas City Fashion Week.  Courtney is excited to make a return to the runway after taking time off to have her 3rd child.


j. manning

Jamesia Manning is an emerging self-taught fashion designer that tailors towards outerwear.  Her brand caters to a business professional customer that would like a classic look, but stylish as well.  She has participated in a fashion show at Macy's where she was able to display one of her coats after the show.



Joshua Christensen is a Fashion Designer based in Los Angeles, California.  After graduating from design school, Joshua was chosen as a contestant for the hit design show, Project Runway.  After filming, Joshua then returned to school to complete the graduate program at FIDM.  He was hired shortly after to design menswear for a worldwide brand.  After a time, Joshua decided to work on his own brand and projects, focusing on custom, one-of-a-kind designs.  Joshua has had opportunities to show at fashion weeks nationwide, work with high-end clients, and product collections season after season.



Building on 25 years of experience as a fiber artist, sculptor, costumer for modern dance, and bridge design team member; Judy Bales creates art that is the exciting and the improbable marriage of cold industrial materials and the sensuality of nature. She utilizes industrial materials, many of which are found, recycled, or salvaged, in an ongoing effort to reveal beauty in unlikely places and stretch conventional notions of what constitutes art and fashion. Judy has shown her work regionally, nationally and internationally and transitioned into fashion related art in 2010.

She is extremely influenced and inspired by the other designers who show at events she participates in.  Interestingly, the evening, bridal and ready-to-wear designers inspire her as much as her fellow artistic fashion designers. Their expertise and technical proficiency inspire her to expand my own technical abilities, taking her designs to a higher level.



julia fischer

Julia Fischer is a womenswear designer originally from St. Louis, currently based in Kansas City. As a self-taught designer, this will be her debut collection. She designs for women who are serious about fun, demand adventure, and are unapologetically bold in their sartorial choices.


Katelyn Otto is a nineteen year old womenswear designer under the label Katelyn Marie. She is inspired by nature, shapes, and literature. She is a self-taught seamstress who loves to design and construct apparel for both her and her friends. Katelyn hopes to design for a larger label. Eventually, she would love to have her own business making custom evening and wedding dresses for individual clients.


keilah jadlow

From her early years, Keilah has always been drawn to clothing. During the Fall of 2016, she graduated from JCCC's Apparel Design and Technology program.  She possesses big love and admiration for the past, which is clearly exemplified in her creations. She adores clothing, art, and colors that make her feel nostalgic.

Design requires a hefty amount of work, attention to detail, and patience. However, it is the most satisfyingly creative expression of an artist's heart in the fashion industry. Wherever design brings Keilah, is where she wants to be, as long as she has the opportunity to establish ideas and ensembles that give her consumer an undiscovered, heart-felt, and meaningful experience.


kelly callaway

Kelly has always been a creative soul. She excelled early at expressing herself visually through art. At the age of 7 she began to formally take art lessons from various instructors, all who inspired her in different ways. 

He artwork style is is fun and upbeat. And her inspirations change daily...from her dog "Hazel" to the beautiful landscapes of the desert that surrounds her. She likes to take the "everyday" and to look at it from a different perspective.

She hopes that her artwork will inspire others to pursue their dream of be being creative and expressing themselves through their own artwork.

She has more recently shifted her creative focus to fashion design. Her mom has been her mentor. Having graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NY with a degree in Fashion Design, her mom taught her at a young age to design on croquis and drape on a dress form. She learned how to drape and create patterns from the dress form and then how to sew and make her concept "come alive". At the young age of 11 years old, she was excited to make her debut on the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week in October of 2016. She is looking forward to continue develop her designs and her talent. 

lauren bander

Always knowing that she wanted to be involved in the art industry somehow, it began with Lauren wanting to draw and paint; other than the cross stitching that her grandma had taught her, sewing and fashion didn't cross her mind until later. Eventually Lauren traded in her pencils and paints for needles and fabric. She found a new medium that she loved working with and knew from there what she wanted to do. She studied Fashion Design/Merchandising at Dominican University and got the amazing opportunity to study in Paris at the Paris American Academy (PAA) under some of the industry's top professionals. 

She began her own line and now designs women's clothing specializing in dresses for every occasion (casual to couture), while beginning to introduce ready-to-wear separates. The designs are feminine and flirty, whimsical and ethereal. Each piece using lots of fabric and exaggeration to give extra movement and drape to the look. She wants to bring a couture feel to the everyday wear of women. One of her main goals she hopes to accomplish with her designs is to show that high fashion does not just have to come from places such as New York or Paris; it is here in the Midwest as well. 

Lauren feels blessed to have been given so many opportunities and accomplishments over the short time she has had her line. She has been a part of some beautiful magazine editorials and worked with so many talented artists on all of the projects. But still some of her greatest accomplishments have been getting the opportunity to show in New York during Fashion Week and having some of her designs used in the Bronx Diba/Luichiny national shoe campaign for the last 5 seasons.

Lucia's Sarto- nataliya meyer

Nataliya Meyer always knew she was going to be creating clothing. It was somehow woven into her, just like learning to speak or how to write. She believes beauty will save the world. No matter how childish it sounds, she tries to make it happen by little things that one person can do. She is obsessed with her work and is very lucky to have it as an addiction that is creative rather than destructive. Almost every minute of her adult life she has been haunted with clothing: its creation, its fit, and its design.

She makes clothing that has to be perfect. Her process starts as an inspiration of something she sees, hears or reads. Then it evolves into images that would, in her mind, relate to the clothing she's making. 

She always wanted to be noticed in a crowd. A lot of her inspiration came from researching historical heritage of many parts of the world.  Her style of work is very diverse, but however different the clothes may be, the quality is always the highest. 


Madyssen Hrlevich of Madyssen Jean started sewing towards the end of her junior year of high school.  She showed her first collection in Omaha Fashion Week a year later. She created her brand using inspiration from her favorite designers: Chanel and Alexander McQueen. She loves femininity with a darkness, and combining the sophistication of Chanel with the edginess of Alexander McQueen, she has created the perfect storm of inspiration. Her craft is devoted to sharp lines, tailoring, and textile combinations. 

Madyssen is currently a freshman at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln studying Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design with an emphasis on Merchandising. Throughout her college career she plans to gain different experiences within my areas of interest, such as styling or apparel buying.  Creating collections has given her a good creative and technical perspective that she believes some merchandiser’s in the industry lack. 



Michael attended half of a semester at The Academy of Art College in San Francisco, studying knitwear design, but quickly dropped out and went at the design process on his own. He purchased a “prehistoric” knitting machine from a yarn shop but it took him two years before he actually made a dress that could actually be worn. The dress ended up in the hands of a professor at Washington University who later hired Michael to design garments for many dance and theater shows. Michael also designed for Skif International and worked for The Opera Theatre of St. Louis. Primarily a knitwear designer, Michael finds inspiration from architects, buildings, and bones. This is Michael's fifth time presenting a collection at KCFW.  Michael is known for being a Project Runway veteran (season 8).  His client list includes Tika Sumpter and Heidi Klum and his work has been showcased alongside Alexander McQueen, Viktor and Rolf, Maison Martin Margiela, Iris van Herpen and Pam Hogg. 


Eve Emanuel, designer of MTJF, has been at the forefront of creating modest clothing for the modern woman. She aims to provide an option for women to dress in current fashion while maintaining a sense of refined classicism and romanticism in her creations.

MTJF, short for More Than Just Figleaves, appeals to the modern woman of today who wishes for versatile stylish clothing that is hip refined and classy all in one.

“My goal is to make a clothing line that caters to women who want to be fashionable and modern using   clothing that is classic but not too dowdy, has wearability, and is comfortable with a functionality to suither lifestyle,” says Eve.

Eve believes that rejoicing in the bounty and drape of fabrics creates a unique fashion statement that is loved and recognized bywomen of all demographics, as we see in today’s celebrities who are sporting longer lengths.

Eve's work has been featured in Refinery 29 ,and she has recently been featured in the New York Times as a panelist in a NYU symposium on Fashion and Modesty.

nasheli juliana

With sixteen years in the fashion industry, Nasheli’s design experience includes working as technical designer, draper, tailor, and fine sewing techniques for different designers based in New York, Italy, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. She also performs as an assistant design professor for Lindenwood University's fashion design program, as well as a freelance designer and as the owner of Nasheli Juliana fashion label.






Designer, Ciara Fortun, is a 16 year old designer from Omaha, Nebraska. She has participated in Omaha Fashion Week twice.  Ciara designs mostly evening and formal wear aimed for the young woman who isn't afraid to convey herself in a unique and sophisticated way.

She plans to study fashion design in college, and pursue a career in fashion design. Her ultimate goal is to establish a brand in Southeast Asia or Central America and provide fair jobs to workers. Ciara hopes to create a sustainable and fair trade brand that can help aid a better fashion industry alternative to fast fashion and sweatshops.

oliviet by tobie marie

Tobie Roberts began sewing in 5th grade and found her interest in evening wear. She is now a Junior Fashion Design and Product Development major at Stephens College in Columbia, MO. While in college she has interned in Chicago and New York for three different companies spanning from bridal wear to accessories. She is now preparing for her upcoming study abroad summer program at the Paris America Academy for the summer of 2017 where she will be taking couture technique classes. Outside of college she owns a fashion based non-profit, The Green Prom Movement, and recently launched her bridal line, Tobie Marie and pageant brand extension Oliviet by Tobie Marie in August of 2016. Her designs can be seen on the Miss KS USA stage, National American Miss National pageant, and many more. Her interest lies in providing custom and one of a kind designs to women and girls across the country of all abilities. She is excited to hopefully be a part of KC fashion week as a small town Kansas designer and hopes to bring her children's wear attire to the KCFW stage.


queen's rocket

Jon Fulton Adams has always had a great interest in fashion.  He discovered his label's name 'Queen's Rocket' in a Victorian book - it means "the height of fashion" in the language of flowers.  He has been designing under that label for over a decade.
Jon's degree in Fashion Design comes from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he also studied costuming and history.  His recent work has been on local stages.  He has designed for the Unicorn, the Coterie, Heart of America Shakespeare, and several other local theater troupes.  Jon's work has been featured in Ink Magazine, the Pitch, Kansas City Spaces, KC Stage, Vital Voice, and other publications.  He has shown his collections at La Esquina, and taken Queen's Rocket to Magic in Las Vegas three times. 
His menswear is couture driven, using vintage fabrics and precise tailoring. It is for an urban-minded man that wants to stand apart from the crowd. Jon takes inspiration from historical costuming, vintage accessories, and stagecraft.

Rich Apparels

Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri and being a 21 year old entrepreneur, Roosevelt Broome always knew he wanted to do something out of his comfort zone. By staying active on social media and obtaining over 30 thousand followers on Twitter, he knew he to create something that was true to himself and that he was passionate about. Then ‘RICH’ was born.

In high school, he saw the “popular” kids wearing the expensive name brand clothing that he couldn’t afford. That fueled him.  He wanted his clothing brand ‘RICH’ to be inexpensive and appeal to any age group. ‘RICH’ focuses on the non-materialistic things in life, for example love, humbleness, family and friends. Being ‘RICH’ is feeling confident, standing up for what you truly believe in, and not accepting “no” for an answer.  He wants people to wear his clothing brand and to feel just as empowered as the people wearing Versace, Puma, Polo, etc.

Being ‘RICH’ is spreading the love, positivity and remaining humble. He wants to influence people to be themselves and embrace their individuality because that is what makes you unique.

roger figueroa-Saucedo

Roger Figueroa- Saucedo was born in Manzanillo, Colima MX.  He attributes his upbringing to his love of photography, art, music, and culture. He describes himself as a driven, optimistic, humble and caring person. Roger is currently a student at Johnson County Community College (JCCC), where he was previously selected as the student of the year by the fashion department. 

With plans to transfer to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Roger is utilizing his time to expand his brand in the community and fashion industry.

"My goal is to work in the fashion industry as a creative designer and eventually own my own brand. One of my ultimate goals is to start an organization that will help young students further their education, follow their dreams, and help support widowed mothers."- Roger Figueroa-Saucedo

sheraz pompey

Sheraz Pompey is a Kansas City, Missouri Fashion Designer

He started designing in his senior year of high school where he studied fashion design for a half semester which he was taught the basics of sewing. In 2013, Sheraz participated in a local Kansas City fashion show where he debuted his first fashion line which he received great reviews from, and it motivated him to pursue fashion designing. Being a self taught designer and growing up in a community where fashion isn't popular, Sheraz strived to produce creative designs that would stand out from the current trends in the city. Being 19 years old at the time of his first debut , Sheraz went through a difficult time trying to balance pursuing his dreams for fashion and also been able to financially support himself with everyday living responsibilities. After taking a year off of designing, Sheraz started a full time job with UPS which allowed him to become financially stable to put money towards his fashions and everyday living expenses. During the year hiatus, Sheraz also took time to practice on his construction, creativity, designing skills, and also studied more on how to run a part time business aside from working a full time job. Now being at the age of 22, Sheraz is ready to show the community, that even when times get tough you can never give up on your dream , and that you have to keep going until you can find a balance which allows up to pursue your dreams while your in a comfortable position in your life.


As an independent designer, Laura McGrew founded the TOMBOY label in 2003. Since then it has become eminent in Kansas City and conspicuous for quality, sustainable clothing.  This reputation is preserved by monitoring the manufacturing process from start to finish. Each piece is cut at her studio in Kansas City.  The TOMBOY line of knits is made exclusively from the best quality Rayon Spandex Jersey that is domestically milled from the finest yarns.  As an independent designer Laura endorses and advocates for these practices because ethical, sustainable clothing goes beyond pay scales and fiber content. In this way she can bring you long lasting pieces which you will cherish for years to come.

tr brown - tiffany brown

Tiffany Brown is a 29 year old self-taught seamstress. She has been sewing for about a year now and is currently taking classes in the fashion program at JCCC. Her fashion interests tend to be all over the place because she loves different pieces of the fashion world. She is a bit of an old soul, so she pulls towards the older styles and looks because she feels they will never go out of style. Her brand, TRBrown,  is a ready to wear brand for the individual looking to make a statement at an affordable price.

wiki 1.JPG

Wiki Wang Apparel

Wiki Wang is a popular emerging fashion designer known for her elegant and eclectic designs. Wiki is a recent winner of the prestigious Pins and Needles Fashion Design Competition in which she competed against the best upcoming designers from across the country from New York to Los Angeles. Wiki focuses on designing clothes for the modern woman. Her innovative looks and styles are effortlessly flattering. Her minimal, clean modern silhouettes have a refined elegance to help women feel more confident in communicating their identity and their personality. Wiki's motto is "I only design clothes that I would want to wear."