As a little girl Reighann always enjoyed playing dress up. Her favorite pieces include her mother’s prom dress and her grandfather’s white t-shirt, which was always paired w her grandmother’s heels, pearls, and red lipstick. Growing up her mother always said, “You’re a star, Reighann! Always be a star!” Reighann quickly found her light performing on the stage dancing, singing, and acting.

In 2010, Reighann moved back to her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Living in the city for less than 24 hours she was scouted by Phil Willoughby, CEO of Kansas City Fashion Week, and began her modeling career. Her work consists of modeling in multiple fashion shows, print/exposure, music videos, commercials, pageants, and competitions. At the age of 19, she began producing fashion shows and photo shoots for local charities and boutiques. She’s composed some of KC’s largest collaboration shoots.

Reighann has walked down the KCFW catwalk since the very first season, but the past four seasons she’s doubled as the Front of House Manager. She’s seen every view of the stage, and couldn’t be more excited for her new adventure with fashion week. As Model Coordinator, she will be working with Talent Director, Sarah Russell, prepping models for their moment down the KCFW runway!