How KCFW Has Changed Midwest Fashion

by: Rebecca Mardikes, KCFW Fashion Editor

Let's take a look back into the history of fashion in the heart of the midwest, Kansas City. Kansas City Fashion Week first began in March, 2011. The KCFW team and community is now coming up on its 14th season of bringing creative and innovative fashion into the one of the largest cities in the midwest.

Kansas City has a culture that is rich with success in fashion. In the 1940’s, one out of seven women in the city could say they purchased a Kansas City made fashion garment. This step created the platform for the city. Now seeing the industry today, we have noticed some key changes in the fashion community that manifest significant its growth in the city.

To date, there are eleven model agencies, more than a dozen fashion magazines, multiple yearly fashion shows, hundreds of highly regarded fashion photographers, makeup artists and fashion designers. The industry has grown immensely.

Fashion trends are now even more prominent within Kansas City, but what really excites us is seeing those take fashion into their own hands and manifesting their creativity. We notice this especially at events like First Fridays in the Crossroads, street style attire, and those attending fashion events such as Kansas City Fashion Week.

The future for fashion in the midwest? It’s an exciting one. Our team has noticed a trend towards household name fashion designers reaching out to work with major midwest fashion shows. In light of this trend, we are excited to be showing Rachel Roy this upcoming season, s/s ‘19.

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