Volunteer Spotlight: Mercy Favrow

Mercy Favrow is one of our favorite returning volunteers who is very passionate about KCFW. Read on to learn more about why she keeps retuning to KCFW to help us out:


How many seasons have you volunteered for KCFW?

This will be my third season at KCFW.  


What keeps you coming back? 

 I’ve helped out with a lot of big events in Kansas City, and what makes KCFW one of my favorites is the people. Everyone on staff is so nice and happy to answer any questions you may have. I also got to know some of the other volunteers so it’s great to see them each season. 


What have your past duties been in past seasons? 

I started out helping with set up and would guard the doors during show time to make sure no one was where they shouldn’t be. After doing that for a season I got moved to backstage where I help Baylie Jabben, the Style Team Director, get the designers organized and models ready to go on the runway. 


Why did you start volunteering for KCFW? 

When I started college I was a Fashion Merchandising major. I was really fascinated by fashion shows and wanted to learn more about what went into the process. 


What do you look forward to this coming season? 

This season I’m really looking forward to Runway on the Rooftop. This isn’t something that KCFW has done the past few seasons, so I’m excited to see how it turns out. I think it’s a great way to switch things up. 


What advice would you give to someone who wants to volunteer in the future? 

As a volunteer your job isn’t always going to be glamourous, but it’s ALWAYS very important. Nothing you do goes unnoticed. Don’t get discouraged if you get assigned to a job you aren’t thrilled about. If you keep a good attitude and stay committed to the cause it’s likely that you will get more responsibility in the future. 


What is your favorite part about KCFW? 

My favorite part about KCFW is being a part of the team. Show time is amazing, but knowing you helped make it happen is a great feeling. 


Come see Mercy's hard work this season at our Spring/Summer 2016 shows.