Eddie Manoukian - Brand ambassador

Born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Kansas City for most of my life. I
am a first-generation American who is very thankful and honored to be born here. I
have always been concerned with international cooperation and the nature of
communication between people of different cultures. With the help of my parents,
I learned Russian at a very young age and continued to study the language further
at the University of Missouri – Columbia earning a degree in International Studies
with an emphasis on Europe. I have always enjoyed traveling the globe and
meeting new people ever since. I am a very quick learner and enjoy learning new
things, especially if it is challenging my mind. It brings me a sort of positive
energy in doing so. I have always valued my skill in communication with people
and bringing people together is also a part of my skillset.

In the summer of 2017 I studied abroad in Tbilisi, Georgia which is also my
family’s home country and city. I studied Peace and Security as well as global
conflict within the Caucuses region for a month as well as furthering my skill in
Russian and learning some Georgian as well. Within that time, I was given an
opportunity to help negotiate a contract between a new hotel/casino and an
international designer. During the negotiation process, I helped by translating
English to Russian and vice versa.

The first time I truly became a part of the fashion world was in 2016 during
the fall of Kansas City Fashion Week, when I helped coordinate, and represent an
international collection. This wonderful experience helped me understand the hard
work that was put into producing such an amazing event every season, as well as
meeting the people behind the scenes further developing a passion for fashion and
respect for everyone involved. With further experience backstage and interaction
between the wonderful people involved, I was given the opportunity to prove my
skills in public relation and communication as Brand Ambassador.

In my spare time, I read and research the world/global affairs. Amateur
dancer, and avid gym goer. I am very family oriented and the time I spend with my
family is something I cherish greatly.